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Detect hero
Detect hero


A ransomware-specific approach to rapid, accurate detection

Zero in on Ransomware

Rapidly identify and subvert cyber extortion attempts with attack-resistant technology that focuses solely on the specific signals of ransomware behavior.

Exclusive Focus on Ransomware_

We uncover extortion threats with unparalleled accuracy by limiting detection to the behaviors exclusive to ransomware.

Speed Through Precision_

Cyber extortion attacks unfold within minutes. Our precision detection enables us to rapidly detect ransomware when speed is most crucial, without generating false positives.

Resistant to Attacks_

Ransomware disables standard security software before an attack, but our innovative technology strongly resists deactivation.

Adaptive to the Threat_

Our defenses employ many different techniques, which evolve over time to out-maneuver adversaries' attacks.

Our specialized technology enables us to design unique solutions for defending against ransomware. Connect with us directly to learn more.

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